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Product Description

Sx4 Degreaser is designed for tough jobs. It is super concentrated; professional-strength formula breaks down the toughest grease allowing you to rinse away the dirt build-up and gunk. The professional-strength cleaning power of Sx4 can even remove the extreme industrial road grime found in many construction areas leaving your vehicle looking great with no residue. The heavy-duty cleaning power of Sx4 was designed to provide professional cleaning power to any filthy situation. Sx4 breaks the bond that heavy grease and dirt have on the surface allowing years of filth and grime to be rinsed away faster and easier. Building complexes, gas stations, Undercarriages, filthy engine bays, greasy tires, and dirty wheel arches can be degreased and rinsed clean in no time. The secret behind the ultimate cleaning power of Sx4 is super concentration technology. 1 gallon of Sx4 makes 10 gallons. The dilution ratio of Sx4 can be adjusted accordingly to handle any job from the smallest stain to the dirtiest of jobs.

  • Highest strength industrial degreaser
  • Heavy-duty concentrated cleaner
  • Works quickly to remove stubborn grease and oil stains from engines, machinery, tools, and concrete

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